A little game called Beesweeper inspired by Minesweeper, but with hexagonal tiles and bees instead of mines. Nothing big, just a little game created as a personal experiment/challenge in a few hours. 

Controls: Left-click on the hexagons to reveal them, and right-click on them to mark them as bees. Reveal all empty spots to win the game.

Options: You can choose the size of the grid and the amount of bees in it.

Published Dec 29, 2017
AuthorFelix Paulsen
Tags2D, bee, GameMaker, grid, hex, hexagonal, hexagons, minesweeper
Average sessionA few minutes


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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  Exhibit A-- or should I say Exhibit B?--Beesweeper! This is one I'll pick up time and time again when I have something else I should be doing.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your donation! It's much appreciated :)

Pretty fun! Only issue is that since the bees are randomized before the player clicks the first square, they can end up losing immediately. In other Minesweeper-like games, it's generally fixed so that the first cell that a player clicks should not contain a mine. Otherwise, good job! ^.^

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I thought about this, but didn't think about a solution. Now that you mention one, it seems so simple. Can't believe I didn't think of it. Anyways. I've updated the game now, with your solution implemented. Thanks again.